Increase creativity with scents!

Let’s talk about something cool! How would you like to boost your creativity? Well a little research has found that sniffing certain scents before going to sleep, can actually increase your creativity. Isn’t this research somewhat inspiring, I’ve also been a fan of the arts, but I have never had confidence in my art skills. Maybe I will try sniffing a combination of orange and vanilla or cinnamon and vanilla, two scents that are linked to creativity, before going to sleep for a week and see what it inspires me to do!

Calling all artists, musicians, and anyone wanting to increase their creativity, try giving this a shot, there are no guarantees. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be in the same place as you started. The research showed that there was definitely an increase in creativity for participants who smelled orange and vanilla before going to bed. This is  basically an effortless way to possibly boost your creativity, so why not give it a shot and see all the wonderful affects of using scents!

What scents or smells would you use to boost your creativity? Let us know! We want to hear from you!